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What should my family wear to our photoshoot?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Congrats! You've booked your session and you'll have images that will last a lifetime! I bet you're wondering what you should wear... Here are my top 4 tips.


Formal vs. Casual

Decide whether you want to go formal or if you just want to capture your family in a casual unfiltered way. Both will turn out great but this is where your wardrobe choices begin. Formal wear is great for celebratory or special occasions such as the holidays or maybe dressing the walls of your new home. However, dressing the family in their favorite matching pajamas and filling your session with candid shots will come out just as cute!

Mother and son in formal wear at Mandalay Canal in Irving, Texas

kids sitting on brown couch in white pajamas in Dallas, Texas

Let's Talk Colors

Make sure you're coordinated, but not identical. I know our favorite go to for family photos is jeans and white shirts... hear me out... no lol. I want your pictures to stand out! Show your creativity and style. Hint: Try to aim for a theme instead of a color. For example: jewel tones, shades of blue, preppy... or my favorite, earth tones like the family below!

family photo dressed in earth tones at Mandalay Canal in Irving, Texas

What About the Kids?

I know a lot of parents like to dress their kids like twins and this works sometimes. But a better rule of thumb is to meet in the middle of matching the theme and allowing them to express their individual personalities through their clothing. Remember, it's their photoshoot too!

Larger Families

Got a large family photoshoot booked? No worries! Follow the same rule... coordinated, not identical. I know it can be challenging at times getting everyone on the same page but the results are more than worth it.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing about your wardrobe, believe it or not, is that you and your family is comfortable. Just be practical and realistic. I know we all see all the "perfect" family photo's on Pinterest and Instagram and we want to emulate that. But don't focus on trends. Comfort and joy are the most important ingredients in outfit planning. Honestly, it's not about the outfit in the end. It's about how you feel and what memories you came away with during our session together!

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