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How to get the perfect headshot!

Your picture is the first thing most people will see when they want to find out more information about you or your business. It's super important that your image is professional and inspires confidence in your abilities. Here are some tips that can help knock your headshot session out of the park!

Consult with your photographer before your session.

Take the time to schedule a consultation with your photographer prior to your session to discuss goals and expectations. There are many different types of headshot styles. Each has a purpose depending upon the goals of the session. For example, color-grading and heavy editing may be needed for a modeling headshot but probably wouldn't be appreciated if you're using your images for branding purposes. Your consultation also gets you face-to-face time (or at least over the phone time) with your photographer which can put you at ease knowing that he/she understands your vision.

Dress for the job.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? Well this is the perfect time to follow that advice. Choose a wardrobe that will attract prospective clients or employers to your image. However, try not to use clothing that has a logo. You don't want to look like an advertisement. Highly contrasting Jackets and collard shirts are always a good choice (i.e. dark blue jacket and white shirt). Also, choose clothing that flatters your best physical attributes. Have a lovely neckline? Choose a v-neck blouse. Love your shoulders? Try something off the shoulder or a halter-top style. Gorgeous hair? Try a chunky braid or let it flow in the wind. If you have it, flaunt it!

Take care of yourself (Skin/Hair/Nails).

Start drinking as much water as you can in the week prior to your session. This will plump your skin and also make it more smooth and clear. Steer away from fried and salty food as they can cause bloating and water retention. Get plenty of sleep! I can do a lot in photoshop but tired eyes will show every time. Get your hair cut or styled at least 3 days before your session. Freshly cut hair can look strange on camera. For the men, choose either clean a clean shave or a manicured beard. Anything in the middle just takes away from your face. Your hands may end up in some shots so make sure your nails are manicured. Choose a neutral color so they do not distract from your face.

Have peace of mind!

Most people aren't comfortable their first time in front of a camera. Don't complicate it by rushing to your photoshoot unprepared. A couple of days before the session, go over the time, location, directions and any other instructions provided by your photographer. Make sure your photographer's number is saved in your phone incase something goes awry the day of. Prepare a clothing bag with your selected wardrobe, shoes, accessories, lotion, make-up and anything else you may need on your big day. Your photographer should be in contact with you in the days before your session. He/she knows that this is your big day and will want to put you at easy. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. During the session if you are unsure about your look, have him/her place a mirror in front of you while being shot. Also, ask to see some shots from behind the camera. I always do this when I have a client who is uneasy about their look. It gives them confidence and reassurance that we both are killing it! After the session, give your photographer time to edit your images. We don't like to rush through this process because this is usually where the magic happens. I usually am done with this process within 3-5 business days so feel free to reach out to your photographer around this time. He/she should at least have a couple done to send you.

Last Thoughts

The most important factor in getting great headshots is to have fun! Tell your photographer your favorite music or scents so he/she can have that prepared for you. If you haven't selected a photographer yet, I'd be happy to be of service! Contact me today and lets get a consultation set up! Happy shooting!

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