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Let's Start Your Journey

How many times have you had pictures taken of yourself or your family and were underwhelmed? Sure, the photographer you selected gave you what you agreed too...

But the images didn't capture the playfulness of your toddler. Or the passion behind why you do what you do.

​I can assure you we all have stories like this. It's why I began LMG Imagery in 2012. I believe images are the first point of contact for small businesses and sometimes all we will have left of that special family member if they should happen to pass away. Because of this I take great care and pride in tailoring each session to the goals and personalities of each client. 

​Whether starting a business or finally gathering the whole family together, I want to be there for you. I look forward to working closely with you to craft your experience. I'll be with you from our initial consultation to helping you pick out the best images for your marketing material or wall canvases. 

​I want to be more than your photographer, I want to be your go-to guy for planning your marketing. I want to document the love and growth of your family from your wedding day to your daughter's senior year. I look forward to building a lasting relationship built on trust with all of my clients, not just a transactional one. If you feel like I may by the photographer for you or your family, contact me below.